Meme Monday: Tendril Theory

This is SUCH a fantastic explanation of what it can be like to live with impaired cognitive flexibility. Thanks to Erin Human (Facebook, Instagram, Redbubble) for creating this!

Image is a many-panel comic with a line drawing of a person with tendrils of hair coming out of their head in line with the words. Text reads: Why it's hard to switch tasks. Let's call it Tendril Theory). When I’m focused on something, my mind sends out a million tendrils of thought and expands into all of the thoughts and feelings. When I need to switch tasks, I must retract all of the tendrils of my mind. This takes some time. Eventually I can shift to the new task, but when I am interrupted or must switch abruptly, it feels like all of the tendrils are being ripped out. That’s why I don’t react well. Please just give me time to switch tasks when I’m ready.

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