Google Scholar Links 2/14/20

Here are this week’s top 10 articles from our EF Google Scholar alerts!

  1. A literature review and meta-analysis on the effects of ADHD medications on functional outcomes (2020)
  2. Early signs of disrupted rule learning in adolescents at clinical high risk for psychosis (2020)
  3. Executive and Daily Life Functioning Influence the Relationship Between ADHD and Mood Symptoms in University Students (2020)
  4. Poster: Designing a Wearable Technology Application for Enhancing Executive Functioning Skills in Children with ADHD (2019)
  5. Self-Directedness Positively Contributes to Resilience and Quality of Life: Findings From a Mixed Psychiatric Sample (2020)
  6. The effects of secondary tasks that involve listening and speaking on young adult drivers with traits associated with autism spectrum disorders: A pilot study with driving simulation (2020)
  7. The moderating role of socioeconomic status on level of responsibility, executive functioning, and cortical thinning during adolescence
  8. Time for a true display of skill: Top players in League of Legends have better executive control (2020)
  9. Using virtual reality to defne the mechanisms linking symptoms with cognitive defcits in attention defcit hyperactivity disorder (2020)
  10. Why Self-Report Measures of Self-Control and Inhibition Tasks Do Not Substantially Correlate (2020)

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