About Us


Executive Dysfunction Research & Advocacy was born out of one woman’s frustration with her own executive dysfunction (EDF) and the lack of accessible information available for those who experience it.

In November 2018 she started the Facebook group Executive Dysfunction Research & Advocacy (EDRA) for people to come together and talk about EF research and learn tips and tricks from each other, with the hope that in the future they could also start getting involved in advocacy, too. A few months later she was inspired by a disability advocacy course to expand EDRA into a nonprofit with the mission to expand both self- and public-awareness of EDF and to actively advocate for better treatment and accommodations.

Using what she calls her “Autistic/ADHD sometimes-superpower” of hyperfocus, she then embarked on a year (and counting) of reading through thousands of research papers on EF and piecing together the research and re-writing it all in a way that is accessible and useful to all. This information will be published here on the website when it is complete, and if you want to be alerted when that happens, please sign up here!